The largest country in the west, Damasca is the seat of law and contains over a hundred laws covering thousands of situations. Due to the large number of laws, there are hundreds of sheriffs wandering the streets, ready to apprehend any violators of the law.

Government: Empire
Head of State: Emperor Varakus the Second
Capital City: Lorens
Racial Diversity: Any known race can be from Damasca
Primary Alignment: Lawful Neutral. The laws of Damasca encourage rigorous training and vigilance, but the courts care nothing for good or ill deeds.


  • Discipline of Law – A member of your family was a Sheriff, who taught you many things about law enforcement in Damasaca. You learned many things about criminal behavior as well, and know the code words Sheriffs use to test one another. You gain a +2 trait bonus to Sense Motive checks, and can see through a Damascan Sheriff’s disguise at any time with a check of 15.
  • Mental Fortitude – The laws of Damasca seep into the people from it, and protects them from the anarchy of other lands. You gain a +1 trait bonus to will saves against any spell of the chaos subtype.
  • Blood of Ursar – As a distant relative of the legendary Ursar, you have the blood of heroes in you. Your lineage can earn you a favorable reputation with several groups. When bartering you gain a +2 bonus to Diplomacy.

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