The lands north of Erendor are called Fysin, and are ruled by several smaller lords with no central government. While some have tried to unite the disparate clans, tribes, and fiefdoms into a single nation, others are content with the status quo of the strong surviving and thriving in these lands. The lands are deadly, frost coated lands, and many snow-capped mountains are placed throughout the region. Linnorm attacks are common, as are various winter monsters, and the Tiran know of many homes in the ancient mountains belonging to ancient and powerful giants.

Government: Lesser lords and jarls.
Head of State: None
Capital City: None, though many recognize Frostwall as the largest and oldest city.
Racial Diversity: Any known race can be from Fysin. Tiran and Dwarves are the most numerous, with humans just behind.
Primary Alignment: Neutral. There is no central government of Fysin, and so laws and bounties often change from jarl to lord to chieftan to shaman. Good and evil are just words to Fysin, as strength and survival matter most.

Homeland Traits:

  • Iceblooded – Being raised in the vicious cold of Fysin has given you incredible resistance to the dropping temperatures of winter. You gain a +2 to checks against cold effects. This does not protect you from cold damage.
  • Mountain Fighter – Fighting on the steep slopes of northern Fysin has trained you to fight in the harsh and rocky landscape. You gain a +1 trait bonus on attack rolls while in the mountains or fighting on bare stone.
  • Tiran Blood – While not originally from a Tiran clan, one of your ancestors was born of their blood. Perhaps your Tiran parent had been cast out of their clan, or you were raised in the village but your non-Tiran parent was forced to leave. Either way, you learned of their pride and their courage, and gain a +1 bonus against Fear and Despair effects.

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