Storm Isles

The Storm Isles are a lawless, anarchic collection of islands not far from Mezzin and Tir’Rago, and are well known as a den of Pirates, Theives, and other scalawags. Few dare to travel the seas near the islands, and as such travel from Lycus to Daman through the east is often difficult to come by. Those few honorable pirates that keep the Code of the Brethren alive are often vastly outnumbered by cutthroats looking for a quick score, and it is doubtful that peace will come to the region any time soon.

Homeland Traits:

  • Born a Pirate – You were born a pirate and have lived the life since you were old enough to sing a shanty. When on any seafaring vessel you gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls. This includes attacks with siege weapons.
  • Dock worker – Life on the docks carries a lot of strange rituals when pirates are concerned, and you learned early how to handle yourself around the seafarers of the Storm Isles. When dealing with any sailor you gain a +1 to Sense Motive and Diplomacy.

Captain Slagg’s Crew

The mighty giant Captain Slagg is perhaps the most honorable and friendly of the Four Storm Captains, most dangerous and powerful pirates of the Storm Isles. Slagg is a Slag Giant, much like his twin brother Mister Forge, but strangely took to the arts of the druids instead of his metal working heritage, and became a powerful scion of nature before taking to the seas to claim the Storm Isles for his own. Known equally for his wrath and his benevolence, the site his roger on the mast is a sign of fair fighting, magnanimity in victory, and grace in defeat. Slagg is most often known for simply offering his captives a place in his crew or safe passage to one of his islands in return for the material wealth he needs, and treats each and every crew member as a part of his family.

The Crimson Crew

Lead by the Tengu pirate Vander, The Crimson Crew are a mysterious group of professional pirates, sailing the seas in search of loot and glory. However, rather than pillaging coastlines and robbing merchant vessels, Vander directs his crew to raid other pirates and military vessels exclusively, most commonly targeting the Black Tides Pirates and the Inquisition forces. While one of the smallest crews in the Storm Isles, their reputation as fighters is well earned, with Vander himself boasting to have fought Captain Slagg and Captain Zeren to a standstill. Many claim this story to be made all the more true by the friendly attitude members of the Slagg Pirates have towards the Crimson, even when being raided, while Zeren’s Black Tide fume and rage at the sight of Vander’s red feathered roger.

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Storm Isles

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