The Death of Ursar

Once, long ago, an orc wizard named Ushbek discovered a strange series of runes on an ancient archway, far in the northern reaches of Fysin. Ushbek was well versed in the language of the giants and Tiran, and so quickly discovered the runes to be the ancient writing of the titans. The runes described the first war of the titans, long before the rise of the Necromancer Barons hundreds of years ago, and spoke of the return of the titan Abaddon, Destroyer of Mankind. Worse, it told that his rise would be soon, with the quaking of the earth heralding his arrival from the Abyss.

Ushbek raced to warn all he could of the coming of Abaddon, though his mangled speech was difficult to understand. However, as luck or fate would have it, Mordred, BARDIAN OF THE FUTURE, was in Erendor’s high seat of power, Yōjinbukai jōkaku. During a stirring rendition of the Battle for Fox Tail Pass, Ushbek burst through the doors in a flash of fire, racing to the Horse Lord and screaming maddness. When the guards tried to detain him, Mordred, BARDIAN OF THE FUTURE, stayed their hands, and spoke with the orc warrior in his native tongue. Soon Mordred, BARDIAN OF THE FUTURE, had relayed the message Ushbek had so desperately tried to spread, and the Horse Lord sent word to Tir’Rago and Damasca, using their alliance to summon whatever heroes they could muster.

Elda’Rago, the first king of Tir’Rago, was the first to respond, coming in person to speak with the Horse Lord and to fight the Titan himself. Mordred, BARDIAN OF THE FUTURE, volunteered himself and his roadie Ed to join the fray, citing his ability to understand Ushbek and relay his plans to the others as a vital need for their victory. However, the Horse Lord would not send them to investigate until word arrived from Damasca.

It came, in the form of General Ursar, Hero of the Turnabout at Orleans, Mastermind of the Straits of Anara, and genius behind the invasion of Lycus. He had intercepted the messenger on the road, and without waiting for word from the Emperor set out at once to engage this foe, telling the messenger to tell the Emperor of his actions. His arrival was hailed as a sign of good fortune, and the plans for Abaddon’s arrival began at last.

After searching much of Erendor, a wall of Divineseal ore was discovered in a large canyon, and Ushbek and Ursar both began planning. Ursar, Ushbek, and Elda were to wait in the canyon while Mordred, BARDIAN OF THE FUTURE, would go with Ed to lure Abaddon to the canyon. There the group would weaken him with attacks until they could seal him within the wall, trapping his evil there for all time.

However, not everything went according to plan. As Mordred, BARDIAN OF THE FUTURE, arrived with Ed, Abaddon was too close on their tail, and the fighting began before Elda and Ushbek could get into position. As such, the battle became one sided, with the beastial Abaddon knocking aside his opponents. Finally, from atop the scaffold where Ushbek would have sealed the monster, Ursar drew the ire of Abaddon, firing directly into the Titan’s eye. With a roar Abaddon plunged his blade into Ursar, and the wall of Divineseal ore behind him. The Titan was sealed, but Ursar’s body was cut in two by the massive sword. Ushbek raced to Ursar’s side, hearing the last words of the dying hero.

After that day, memorials were made throughout Eliair to the hero Ursar, who gave his life to save the world from the monster Abaddon. His name was scrawled on the tree of heroes in Woodhold, and engravings of the battle and of Ursar were carved alongside Elda’s own accomplishments in his tomb in El’da’Rago. Across Eliair, the name Ursar became synonymous with tactical might and unwavering resolve. And on these principles was the Creed of Ursar founded, knights with a single goal.

The eradication of evil, no matter the cost.

But that is a tale for another day.

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The Death of Ursar

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