The Tiran

The Tiran are a proud and strong race, tracing their lineage to the giants and titans of ancient ages. The average Tiran stands at around ten to eleven feet tall, and all members of Tiran society are pressured to be either strong enough to fight or smart enough to lead. As such many Tiran are either Fighters, Bards, or Barbarians.

+4 Strength, -2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, -2 Wisdom: The Tiran have adapted for the harsh lands of Fysin, and as such are physically strong and resistant to the bitter colds, but are not as nimble as other races, and tend to have little patience for fools.

Large: As large creatures, Tiran receive a -1 penalty on Armor Class and Attack rolls, a -4 penalty to stealth, and a +1 bonus to CMB and CMD. Tiran have a 10 ft. fighting space and a natural reach of 5 ft.

Normal Speed: Tiran have a move speed of 30 feet.

Eternal Hope: Tiran are naturally resistant to fear, and gain a +2 bonus against Fear and Despair effects. Also, once per day a Tiran may reroll a roll of Natural 1.

Stability: The imposing size of the Tiran makes them difficult to knock down. Tiran receive a +4 bonus to CMD against Bull Rush and Trip attempts.

Skilled: Tiran ancestry is filled with human and giant interactions, and as such the Tiran are every bit as diverse as their human counterparts. Tiran receive 1 extra skill point each level.

Craftsman: Tiran craftwork is centered around stone and metals, as any other material is often too flimsy to withstand their strength. Tiran receive a +2 bonus to craft and profession checks to create stone or metal objects.

Mountaineer: As mountain dwellers, the Tiran are natural climbers and survivalists at high peaks. Tiran are immune to Altitude sickness and do not lose their Dexterity bonus to AC while making Climb or Acrobatics checks.

Multitalented: Since the Tiran are few in number, many young Tiran are taught a variety of skills in order to benefit their tribe the most. Tiran players choose two favored classes at character creation.

Languages: Tiran players begin the game with Common and Tiran. Tiran with an Intelligence bonus may learn any language (except secret ones).

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The Tiran

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