The lands of the Gnomish Kings, this island nation is situated between the two major Continents, Daman and Lycus, and also between the twin archipelagos of the Star Isles and the Storm Isles.

Government: Monarchy and Parliament
Head of State: Denda’Rago, King Denda the Bold
Capital City: El’Da’Rago, the City of Golden Kings
Racial Diversity: Primarily Gnomish, though many other races call this land home.
Primary Alignment: Chaotic Good. People of Tir’Rago favor acts of charity and kindness, and will vehemently oppose restrictions on people’s freedoms.

Homeland Traits:

  • Seeing through Deceit – Living in the gnomish homeland has taught you how important seeing through illusions is. You gain a +1 trait bonus to resist spells from the illusion school.
  • Filibuster – A family member of yours was once a member of Tir’Rago’s elected Parliament, and has taught you how to convince others to change their opinion by continuing your argument through their interruptions. You gain a +2 trait bonus to Diplomacy, and Diplomacy is always a trained skill for you.

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