The Elves of Woodhold are well known for their skills as marksmen and sailors, capable on land and sea at fighting any foe. Enforcers of the trade routes throughout Eliair, Woodhold elves rarely allow others inside their borders, having learned hard lessons from trusting refugees during the First Baron Wars. In this age they contend largely with lawless rebels from the Maw of Anarchy and pirates from the Storm Isles, and the act of hiring Woodhold Mercenaries is a crime punishable by death in all nations of Eliair.

Government: Meritocracy
Head of State: High King Relen Vaas
Capital City: Torilan, The Mother Tree
Racial Diversity: Primarily Elves, rare humans, dwarves, and halflings. Orc-kin, gnomes, and outsider-kin cast out at once.
Primary Alignment: Lawful Good. The rigors of training for war and the harsh hierarchy of the land instill a strong sense of order and hatred of evil in those born and raised within the borders of Woodhold.

Homeland Traits:

  • Blood of the Sea – A member of your family served in Woodhold’s navy, and you learned much from them about fighting on the waves. You gain a +2 trait bonus to attack rolls when on boats of any type.
  • Blood of the Forest – Someone in your family was a member of Woodhold’s army, and taught you the art of stalking and shooting in the forests. You gain a +1 trait bonus to stealth and ranged damage rolls while in woodland regions.
  • Woodhold Discipline – Training in Woodhold has given you an incredible resistance to damage. You gain +1 HP per level.

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