Second largest of the western lands, the Maw of Anarchy is a lawless land of rebellion, and the only country in Eliair where humans make up a significant majority of the population. The land is in a constant state of revolution, with each new ruler either being assassinated by greedy advisers, driven from power by military coups, or ousted by noble rebels seeking liberation for the people. These constant wars have bled much of the region’s economy near to death, and it must constantly import arms from other nations to continue to fuel its wars.

Government: Varies
Head of State: Changes
Capital City: Any of them
Racial Diversity: Any known race can be from the Maw of Anarchy, though most prefer to avoid the place as a general rule. Humans are the most populous.
Primary Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. There are too many revolutions for any established order to arise and the laws are constantly changing.

Deserter – You or a member of your family was part of a coup or rebellion in the region, but when the leader you believed in came into power, he or she became corrupt, just like the ruler you deposed. As a result you’ve become more cautious when picking people to trust. You gain a +1 Trait bonus to both Bluff and Sense Motive, and one of these two skills is always a trained skill for you.
Chaotic mind – Mages of the Maw are well known for their random experimentation, going off and doing anything and everything they can with magic without ever thinking about the consequences. As such those that live within the Maw are well protected from the effects of Law magic from their neighbor, Damasca. You gain a +1 trait bonus to resist spells of the law type.

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